Enhance your service offerings with eGiftSolutions®, the most comprehensive gift card program available. Gift cards are a great way to generate more revenue for your business. Whether you operate a franchise or a single location, our in-house gift card program makes offering gift cards fast and easy. Our variety of processing programs and wide selection of customizable card designs and merchandising ensure that your brand gets into your customers' hands as quickly as possible.

Endless Design Options

Select from hundreds of pre-designed templates or submit your own custom artwork.

No Hidden Fees

No annual, statement, artwork setup, or program cancellation fees, or any other hidden costs.

Free Welcome Kit*

Your kit includes envelopes, stickers, acrylic display, table tent, and inserts—a package valued at more than $50.00!

*Electronic Payments merchant account required.

Access to Online Reporting

Check card balances, transactions, and purchases online in real time.

Make the Most of your Gift Card Program

Not only do gift cards continue to be the most requested gift item, they also create added opportunity to boost sales and customer loyalty. Check out some unique ways to make gift cards work for your business:

Promotional Items

Distribute low-value gift cards, such as $5 or $10, as promotional items to encourage repeat visits and word-of-mouth advertising.

Purchase Incentives

If a customer purchases a high-value gift card, give them a lower value card as a gesture of appreciation to keep more sales in your store!

Out of Stock Alternative

Offer gift cards in place of out of stock items. Customers can purchase and return with their gift card when the item is back on the shelves!

Suggested Gift Lists

Many customers purchase gift cards as a last minute gift. Display a list of items in various price ranges to suggest the right amount for the buyer!

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